Mrs.Seethalakshmi V

Mrs. V. Seethalakshmi comes from the illustrious PSG family. She grew up in a family that had great appreciation for music, art and craft.

Exuding warmth and boundless energy, she has always been a people’s person. A casual conversation with her close friend, Mrs. Vijaya Rajan, President Crafts Council of India, encouraged her to form the Crafts Council of Tamil Nadu in Coimbatore.

Along with like - minded friends Mrs. Srivalli Krishnaswamy, Mrs. Sabitha Chandran, Mrs. Suguna Devarajan , Mrs. Rajshree Pathy, Mrs. Rajini Krishnamurthy, Mrs. Priya Ramachandran, Ms. Sandhya Varadarajan, Mrs. Hema Khona, Ms. Nirmala Rudrappan and Mr. P. Gopalkrishna amongst others, inaugurated CCTN in 1988 with 25 members.

The foundation was laid and thus began the journey of CCTN.

During her stint as the Charter President and subsequently as a senior member of CCTN, she organized craft related events in Coimbatore, attended craft workshops and National and International Meets of the Crafts Council.

We at CCTN love and respect her for the kind of person she is, all the admirable qualities she embodies, and all the lives she has touched in a profound way.

She carries the belief that, together one can move mountains. She is thankful and deeply grateful for all the support she has received from her team of core members of CCTN.

She conveys her best wishes to the younger generation of craft enthusiasts and hopes that CCTN continues to help foster and safeguard our rich repository of art and craft traditions.