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Crafts Council of Tamil Nadu was inaugurated in Coimbatore in 1988 with about 25 members. Keeping the aims and objectives of its parent body Crafts Council of India and the World Crafts Council, CCTN had started off with encouraging the hand skills of craftspeople like the Todas, the mat weavers of Pattimadai and the Kurumba kambili weavers of Kalangal. This was done by helping them with design detail and opening up newer avenues of market.

CCTN through crafts bazaar provides a platform to the crafts people (Both textiles and handicrafts) from all over India to exhibit and sell their wares. This Craft Bazaar translates into action our main objective of existence, which is to show case craft and give a platform for craftsmen to exhibit their wares to a large customer/consumer base. This year there are over 100 stalls from Assam to Kerala.

Over the last year CCTN has conducted craft workshops (like Sanghi, Worli, Shell,etc) for the benefit of its members and non-members also. CCTN has also started training a group of housewives in neighbouring areas in the art of garland making so as to sustain the craft as well as to enable them to supplement their income. CCTN has now taken up the welfare of tribals from the neighbouring hilly areas. They are being trained in various crafts and CCTN's members will help them in product design and development and marketing. CCTN hopes to make these tribal ladies self sufficient.

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